The first show dedicated to talented streamers in Egypt to find new potential content creators in the field. The show is made for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to be the next “The Streamer”, who has a wide range of talent, to produce funny, professional or educational content. 


Register now if you have what it takes to become the winner of “The Streamer”


The Streamer will further feature some of our favorite well-known and established streamers to be guests on our show. 


The Streamer will consist of 3 Rounds + Finals:


Round One:

Firstly, we will open up registration for 3 weeks for streamers to apply during which our talent- and technical teams will be qualifying 16 streamers to move on to round two. All you need to do is to fill in the form below and do your best to create a dedicated video (which must be on your page and shared with our social media platforms) showcasing your skills in your favourite game to qualify for the next round.


Qualification will be made based on the below criteria and requirements: 


  • A fully completed Registration form which you will find on this page

  • Streaming and gaming skill level and potential talent

  • Appropriate appearance and presentation

  • Adequate video editing capabilities and layout appearance

  • Content creation quality and level of creativity

  • Preparing a dedicated streaming video complying with all the rules and regulations listed at the end of this page. Video must be uploaded on your Facebook page and you must tag @TelecomEgypt and @BMEeSports and use the hashtag #SafeMode  


Registration opens: 15th of January

Registration closes: 5th of February


Round Two:

16 streamers will be qualified to compete in round two. These 16 streamers will be split up into 4 groups, with each group featured in a different “The Streamer” episode, to have a total of 4 episodes for all 16 streamers. Each episode will provide the audience with a preview stream for each of the 4 qualifiers. All 16 streamers will be competing against each other to secure their spot in the final round. Only 4 will be selected. 


In Round Two, the audience will do the judging and will have to VOTE for their favorite streamer. Voting polls will be announced to the audience and will be made available on our website.


All episodes will be shared on Telecom Egypt Twitch channel here:


1st episode:     10th of February 

2nd episode:   17th of February

3nd episode:   24th of February 

4th episode:    3rd of March


Round Three:

We’ve now reached the semi-finals with 4 rising streamer stars. Round Three will feature 2 episodes with each episode highlighting 2 streamers. The 4 qualifiers will have the opportunity to show off their best gaming skills in dedicated videos to secure their spot in the final round. Only 2 will be selected to go to the finals round!


The audience will have to VOTE for their favorite top 2 streamers to move onto the finals! The competition keeps getting more and more intense!


1st Episode:  10th of March  “Semi-Finals”

2nd Episode: 17th of March “Semi Finals”



Top 2 qualified streamers will go head-to-head and battle for “The Streamer” title. 


3rd Episode: 24th of March “final”


Registration form: 

*Registration Rules and regulations: 

All applicants must comply with the rules of entry as follows:


  • All streams/clips are due before Friday - February 5, 2021 . If the form is not received on time, it will not be considered. Performance time is a maximum of 1 hour per contestant.

  • No violence or vulgar language in any performance will be tolerated. This is a family friendly environment, so please be respectful.

  • What makes you different? Make sure that the video you share showcases at least ONE attribute that you feel makes you unique.

  • Video must be uploaded on your Facebook page and you must tag @TelecomEgypt and @BMEeSports and use the hashtag #SafeMode  


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