Invitational Super Cups are guaranteed to provide competitive gaming entertainment which gathers all SafeMode winners and Regional Pro Teams/Players to compete for Super Prizes


SafeMode will feature the following Invitational Super Cups:

  •  FIFA Invitational Super Cup

  •  Fortnite Invitational Super Cup

  •  PUBG Invitational Super Cup

  •  Crossfire Invitational Super League

  •  League of Legends Invitational Super League

    Our goal is to build a regional competitive and fun gaming community and provide an opportunity for everyone to realise their gaming dreams of playing against or alongside their favourite Pro Teams/Players and Influencers.

  • Who will participate in the Safemode Super Cups?

  • Safemode Season Winners

  • Invited Regional Pro Teams/players

  • Influencers

  • Winners of the Qualifiers

Super Cups Schedule


Super Cups Qualifiers

To join the qualifier matches click here

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