As part of Safemode III, we will bring you the best experience to watch your favorite top celebrities competing against each other to win grand prize pools in a very intense and competitive environment. This will take place during one huge event for each game with consistent rounds.


Melouk El Gaming will be on the TelecomEgypt Twitch Channel:


League of Legends Celebrity Championship:


For the LOL community, your top 20 LOL Egyptian players/celebrities will be picked to create 4 teams randomly in an experience that will be a first in Egypt, The 4 teams will compete fiercely against each other in a (5v5) game to win a total grand prize pool.


Date: Feb 2, 2021

Total Prize Pool: USD 3,000 


PUBG Mobile Celebrity Championship:


Based on PUBG fans request, the top 25 PUBG Egyptian streamers, each forming their squad with their fans, will compete for a big prize pool.


Date: Feb 23, 2021

Total Prize Pool: USD 3,000 


FIFA Celebrity Championship:


For our FIFA audience, we bring a phenomenal one day event featuring 16 celebrities competing in one of the most exciting and most intense FIFA championship games for a big prize pool. 


Date: Mar, 9, 2021

Total Prize Pool: USD 3,000 


Fortnite Celebrity Championship:


For Fortnite lovers we’ll bring 20 of your favourite fortnite streamers, 10 top Egyptian streamers and 10 International streamers, each of which will pick two of their fans to form the a trio who will enter the battle royale to win grand prizes.


Date: Mar, 16, 2021

Total Prize Pool: USD 5,000

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