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Cosplay Competitions

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Featuring monthly pro Cosplay competitions and weekly amature Cosplay competitions open to all ages

Pro (monthly):

Monthly tournaments with online judges, open to professional cosplayers 


Amateur (weekly):

Weekly amateur tournaments, open to all ages. Get ready for a lot of fun! Progress videos to be shared with us on tiktok and Instagram for a chance to win weekly prizes. 

Competitions Rules:


Do you have a young kid who thinks they're a superhero? Have you ever worn a pot on your head and went to fight the light lamp? Do you like to make a cape out of the table lining and stand in the balcony in a Superman pose? Do you think you have what it takes to be ? Now everyone can show us their fun and creative 5-minutes cosplays. Make a costume out of anything you have at home, and show the world who the true really is!
The competition will be weekly (on Fridays) until the end of June, starting on the 5th of June and until 26th of June, that's 8 competitions!

Rules Amateur:


  • Participation Submission has to be through TikTok.

  • All submissions have to tag Telecom Egypt and BME eSports TikTok and use the tags (#الافينجارز_بيسيبوا_متر #SafeMode)

  • Any submission for each week has to be submitted by Thursday 11:59PM.

  • Anyone younger than 16 will have to submit a parent consent form.

  • To participate, you have to read the Ruleset and agree to it.

  • Winners will be selected based on how many likes their videos get.






Calling out for the best cosplay community out there, the Egyptian Cosplay Community! Once again, we ask you to raise your arms and fight with us! Join our cause and help spread awareness! All from the comfort of your homes.
In order to help raise awareness of the current situation, we have decided to do what you guys like love doing the best. A Cosplay Competition! Take this chance, go full-on #SafeMode, Stay Safe, Stay Entertained, Practice Social Distancing! Use this time to hone your skills, evolve to an international level cosplayer, learn the skills you were always too busy to, the craftsmanship you were too lazy to, become the cosplayer you look up to and compete from your home!

We are holding THREE Cosplay competitions! Yes! You read that right! THREE! The competitions will be on the 12th of may, 9th of June and 30th of June! Allowing more than enough time to build ENTIRELY new cosplays (if you so wish). Older cosplays are welcome to join of course, but we highly recommend you take this chance to level up your skills to the next level!

Rules Pro:


  • All Participant Submissions have to be through TikTok.

  • Submissions are only accepted through TikTok videos while using the competition hashtags (#SafeMode) and tagging BMEESports and WE TikTok profiles (@telecomegypt @bmeesports).

  • Deadline to submit your cosplay will be 3 days before the competition day, the earlier the better.

  • Each cosplay is allowed one entry only, you can't participate with the same cosplay in two (or more) of the three competitions.

  • Judges will check your TikTok Submissions for scoring, we highly recommend you show the details you're proud of most, make sure you showcase your hard work properly!

  • Anyone younger than 16 will have to submit a parent consent form.

  • To participate, you have to read the Ruleset, agree to it and you must register


Prize pool Pro:

These Prizes are PER COMPETITION
1st Place: EGP 5,000
2nd Place: EGP 2,500
3rd Place: EGP 1,500
4th-10th Places: EGP 500



For more information, please email Cosplay@bme-global.com

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