About SafeMode

Get ready for the 3rd Season of WE’s ever-increasingly popular SafeMode campaign!


Things have relatively settled down a little in recent weeks and whether you’re now gradually going back to your normal routine or still studying or working from home, this doesn’t mean the end of the fun gaming experiences that have been coming your way throughout this year so far. In fact, we are determined to keep the fun going by bringing you even more exciting gaming events and tournaments - this time customised to your schedules and routines.


We're bringing serious entertainment, for everyone, everyday! Whether you just want to kick back after a long day at school, university or work and play a few casual games with friends, or you want to get serious with competitive gaming tournaments and challenges over the weekends, the aim is to bring you Endless Entertainment and who knows, you might even get the chance to play against your favourite gaming celeb!


Total prize pool of safemode 3 is 1,100,000+ EGP

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